Last Year 326 Rhode Islanders 
Lost Their Lives to Overdose...

Here Is What We Are Currently Doing to Fix The Problem

Improving Awareness and Education

We keep people informed on the topic and educate them on a wide range of topics. We provide seminars and QA sessions. Check out our blog for more educational resources.

Promoting Health and Well Being

Many addictions start as an injury or are the result of an underlying mental health problem. Our staff works to promote healthy lifestyles, treatment and therapy in RI.

Advancing the Science and Research

Science and research are ever-changing fields holding the key to the success in our fight. Our staff stays current on the latest scientific breakthroughs in combating this crisis. 

Giving Compassionate

We do not operate on a "one size fits all" mentality at Nurses in Rhode Island. We work with each patient to network them to a program that will be best suited to their needs. 
Here Are Some Things You Can Do to Help

Get Addiction Help Rhode Island

Promote Nurses in RI

We need to get the word out. Promote our cause in the community and share our free resources with those you know struggling from addiction. 

Like us on Facebook and Twitter. Share our content. Let people in Southern Rhode Island know that there are resources to help them and people that will listen without judging.

Have Conversations

Encourage conversations about the opioid crisis in circles you frequent. Tell people about our mission to help Rhode Islanders.

 Help us change public opinion and remove the stigma surrounding getting help. Write letters to local and state officials urging them to help us in our mission. 


We are in need of health professionals willing to donate their time to answering phones and interns willing to help us manage social media and get fliers on bulletin boards and businesses around Southern Rhode Island. 

If you can even help us for an hour or two please contact us. We would love to speak with you. 
If you would like to donate financially you can contact us through the contact form on our take action page. All donation proceeds go to helping those in southern Rhode Island. 
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